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Love sms

I may not be the "Perfect Friend" that you are looking for. Not even the "BEST" among others. But, surely i'm a friend who will always miss & care 4 u!

Love sms 10

I wRoTe YoUr NaMe In ThE
sAnD bUt ThE wAvEs WaShEd
It AwAy, ThEn I wRoTe It In
ThE sKy BuT tHe WiNd BlEw It
AwAy, So I wRoTe It In My
HeArT aNd ThAt'S wHeRe It
WiLl sTaY

Love sms 9

Love is like falling down... in
the end you're left hurt,
scarred, and with a memory
of it forever<3

Love sms 8

A star fell from the sky, and I
knew I cought it... then when I
fell for you where were you to
catch me?

Love sms 7

My heart was taken by
you...breaken by you...and
now it is in pieces because of

Love sms 6

Love is ... Running into his
arms, Colliding with his heart,
And exploding into his soul.

Love sms 5

You never know what you
have until you lose it, and
once you lose it, you can
never get it back

Love sms 4

Friends r like stars they come
and go but da 1's dat stay r
the 1's that glow