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goodnight sms 6

wish that god would hold u
tite. i hope that angels will
keep u in site. now just2make
sure u feel all rite, i'm gonna
wish u a wonderful nite! sleep

goodnight sms

The night may be dark, the
moon may not come and the
stars may hide, but don't
worry, i' am here to brighten
up your night. gud nightc:

goodnight sms 2

Take a deep breath,stand
near the window,look at the
sky,there will be two stars
twinkling brightly,u know what
they are????they are my eyes
always taking care of u..good

goodnight sms 1

On this cold cold nite in my
small small room i look at the
brite brite stars in the dark
dark sky & dream of ur sweet
sweet smile on ur cute cute
face! gdnite!